• Customer: Futures for Somerset
  • Value: £3.7m
  • Duration: 80 Weeks
  • Contract: JCT Design and Build

Project Overview

Construction of a new three storey innovation teaching block.

We have constructed a new build teaching block with the following areas, ground floor workshops, electronics classrooms and atrium (two storey social area). 1st floor food tec, textiles and ICT classrooms. 2nd floor art and graphic classrooms.

The new teaching block has 11 classrooms and has the capacity for 30-35 pupils, this will replace the existing practical block which will be demolished in phase 2 after the school has moved into the new building.

As a result of the new building, Practical Block will be demolished, and a landscaped area will fill the footprint. This new area will open up the Crispin campus and provide additional outside space for all members of the school community to enjoy. The projected completion date is August 2020 meaning most of our current students and those joining the school next academic year will be able to benefit from learning in the new purpose-built state of the art classrooms.

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Challenges and Solutions

The location and Access to the project through the school’s carpark for all deliveries, including planned Crane access. Management access plan agreed with the School and Strode college estates departments.

Installation of all new services to the new build, existing school buildings and local sports centre. The power supplies for these building are on the roof of the existing practical block which would be demolished at the end of the project. Programmes were generated around school holidays mainly Easter to excavate and install all new supplies needed. Some were then buried until terminations could be completed at a later date.

Level 2 6.5-meter ceilings access, the project was unable to install fixed scaffold or use alloy towers as these restricted access or blocked escape routes.

Further issues with the height were compounded by the trade pack restriction on how walls needed to be built. This meant full height sections could not be fully boarded and then joined.

Halsall hired small high reach internal MEWPs which had to be kept until the finishing stages and then lowered using the structure of the building down the south stairs with specialist equipment attached to the Structural Steel frame.

Added Value

New up to date teaching facilities, giving the pupils and staff a comfortable working area.

Large bright new classrooms have replaced the old 1970s building. Where we work influences our lives, and it is important to help give pupils and staff a healthy working environment, not just in terms of  mental health but also academic improvement.          Incorporating good classrooms and school design through school renovation has multiple benefits, such as, creating a more motivational, engaging and learning environment for both students and staff

Each classroom is fitted out with up to date technology and new workshop equipment, all classrooms have a 75” Smart teaching boards which will give each             classroom online resources, they are environmental friendly, eliminating the need for paper and most      importantly this amazing technology not only enhances the way teachers teach, but it also enhances the way students learn.

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