• Customer: Heathfield Community School
  • Value: £950k
  • Duration: 56 Weeks 
  • Form of Contract: JCT Design and Build 


Project Overview

The project consisted of the removal of three Elliot buildings and the construction of a purpose built dance studio, consisting of two fully fitted dance studios, four changing rooms, two stores, an office, five WCs, one disable WC and a plant room.

The building was a traditional blockwork construction, with aluminium doors and windows. Internally the building was fair faced blockwork painted with hardwood doors. The two dance studios have sprung  hardwood floors and was naturally ventilated.


Added Value

Constructing the dance studio has considerably enhanced the quality of the students performing arts experience.

Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre is a professional working theatre that shares the same mission statement as Heathfield Community School to: “Be a Centre of Excellence in the Performing Arts in Education”

We are incredibly proud to have made this statement a reality.


Challenges and Solutions

 The building was constructed in a live school environment surrounded by students on all sides of the building; careful planning around logistics and deliveries was key and also communication with the customer and school so we were able to work around the school activities.

Weekly meetings were held with the school to advise on site activities which was of high importance. We gave the school a weekly programme of works but also understanding what was going on in the school so we didn’t disrupt them around exams and/or timetables.


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