With a wealth of experience and nearly 70 years combined experience with Halsall, our dedicated Aftercare team are on hand to resolve any issues that may arise post completion 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our directly employed Aftercare team is headed up by our Aftercare Manager who goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and provide a trustworthy service which doesn't stop at practical completion.

Our Aftercare Manager introduces himself to the client around eight weeks before handover to explain our aftercare process and to gain an understanding of their requirements and timescales, ensuring we provide a service tailored to their needs. We understand the importance of regular communication and provide daily updates and feedback, reinforcing an open, honest and collaborative working relationship.

Any defects received are processed based on their priority and issued to the relevant subcontractor to arrange for the works to be completed within the required target date. Upon completion, we write to confirm that the issue raised has been completed satisfactorily and will enclose the signed defect form for record purposes. Our Aftercare team liaises with the Client to discuss any issue that has arisen out of a received defect, ensuring all concerned are kept well informed of any possible changes that are deemed necessary for clarity purposes and clear transparency.  Ultimately making certain that client/resident/tenants satisfaction is achieved, without causing unnecessary delays or any inconvenience in dealing with defects.

Our out of hours service provides cover for weekdays 1700hrs- 0830hrs, weekends 24hrs and 24hrs for all holiday periods.  The same process is applied as above to our subcontractors and in turn we are provided with up to date information throughout the out of hours period via e mail, on the processing of dealing with the defects and how they are unfolding. This audit trail enables us to ascertain the outcomes during the return of normal working hours and to report back to our Clients accordingly.