Continuous Professional Development

We employ talented people and promote a working environment where we motivate, encourage and create opportunities for our personnel to grow. We have a real passion for and strong history of training and development; our Managing Director Andy was once a trainee at the company and many others have progressed through in this way. Every employee has regular reviews with their Line Manger, and every year the Performance Development Review (PDR) and Leadership Development Plans are carried out where we review current performance, set objectives with clear, realistic timescales, and gain an understanding of the individual’s career aspirations to allow us to put a personal development plan in place. These plans are regularly followed up with Line Managers and Mentors and ensure consistency with our values and our management standards. All employees are offered training relevant to their job roles, along with a suite of soft skill courses ensuring they have the correct skills and are confident to be able to do their job effectively. Our KPI for training is set at 3.5 days per person, per year. Currently, we are over performing in this area and are at 4 days per person, per year.  

Employee Engagement

Twice a year we hold a company meeting with all employees within the business. Our Leadership Team provides a presentation on the Company, what we have achieved over the past six months and what our forward focus is. Each year, we conduct a people survey and a health and wellbeing survey where we ask all of our staff to complete a confidential questionnaire about their experience of working for Halsall. The data received allows us to gain an understanding of our areas of strength and weakness and helps provide us with a direction for improvement.  Once the data has been collected and analysed, we hold a people survey review meeting in groups where we discuss the findings and communicate our improvement plan. We know that a healthy and happy workforce results in an efficient, productive business. That's why we invest in people and wellbeing. It is a priority and in our utmost power to look after the physical, phycological and social wellbeing of our employees. As a result, we were accredited 'Gold' for the Investors in People 'Wellbeing' category and 'Silver' for the Investors in People in 2020 for the next 3 years. We have 6 fully trained Mental Health First Aiders who are our Ambassadors for Mental Health in the workplace.  The Ambassadors are committed to help create a healthy supportive workplace and are here to help all colleagues with a friendly chat and advice. Over the years, the quality of our workplace environment has improved and we were delighted to have won the South West Constructing Excellence award “SME of the Year” as well as being nominated for “People Development” which is something we are extremely proud of.