We understand that our supply chain is a reflection of us and we are only able to achieve our own performance standards through them.

We are committed to building strong, collaborative, and open relationships with our supply chain and one of our key drivers is to use a local supply chain where possible.

Our process for subcontractor appointment includes thoroughly vetting by Greenlight Safety Consultancy Ltd (SSIP accredited). For a subcontractor or consultant to be placed on our approved supplier list they must first complete a competency questionnaire which covers all aspects of their business, for example:

  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental management
  • Technical Capability
  • Resource Capacity
  • Previous experience
  • Financial stability.

Our stringent vetting process includes a face to face meeting, taking of references and financial checks. Great emphasis is placed on all health and safety elements, including accident reporting and recording.

We also carry out a survey on each supply chain member post project completion to ensure high standards are maintained and that we continuously improve our performance.

These procedures ensure we reach our KPIs for safety, delivering well and customer satisfaction.

Supplier and Manufacturer Supply Chain

Halsall has established commodity focused strategic Supply Chain Agreements with market leading suppliers and manufacturers to the Construction industry. The agreements influence every aspect of Construction work, from setting up the site compound, through to materials procurement, and ongoing waste management.

Our supply chain is rationalised towards suppliers & manufacturers whom continuously improve their approach towards innovation and sustainable sourcing. Every opportunity is provided to our Supply Chain at pre-construction stage, and at the earliest possible stages of construction, so as to positively influence the design and ensure materials are responsibly sourced onto our projects.

Our preferred procurement approach includes, where at all possible; localised sourcing and support of local suppliers; sustainable timber procurement including re-use and recycling; promoting off-site manufacture in controlled conditions to minimise carbon footprint; sourcing of plant and machinery with low emissions; and delivery of materials to site via suppliers that demonstrate the use of a fleet of vehicles with low carbon emitting vehicles and considered route planning.

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