In addition to considering and implementing sustainable design in our projects against ever improving regulation and specific measures of sustainability, such as delivering schemes to all levels of Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM and Passivhaus, Halsall also engage with our responsibility to function in a sustainable manner.

We regularly implement the use of off-site manufacture, which aids in reducing waste, lowering our environmental impact of transportation and speeding up programme, to ensure we are minimising disruption to our neighbours.

We take our responsibility of being a neighbour whilst on site seriously. We understand development is disruptive and we aim to minimise this for those around us. Engagement with the community is undertaken throughout the development process. Keeping people informed of the activities happening on site and giving back to the community when we can.

As a regional main contractor and developer, our strength is our sub-contractor base and supply chain in the areas we operate. We build firm relationships with companies around and throughout the region to allow us to deliver quality consistently. Supporting local sub-contractors, we aim to keep spending in the South West.

Site waste is managed and monitored on all sites, with a company policy of diverting a minimum of 85% of all waste arising from sites from landfill. Where available we will use local recycling schemes for suitable materials.

Please see our Environmental Policy